Monday, August 18, 2008

Blogging from Tajikistan

New Palace, Tajikistan

Mike Daisey, the actor and master storyteller, is performing in Tajikistan. He's (unexpectedly) able to blog from there, and the series of posts is very interesting. You don't hear much about Tajikistan, but 7 million people live there, mostly in poverty. Highly mountainous (50% of the country is over 10,000 feet), Tajikistan has great potential for hydroelectric power, which is fortuitous, because the primary driver of the economy is aluminum production -- which uses vast amounts of electricity. Palace Builder's Accommodation

Enjoy Mike's posts from Tajikistan, it looks like an amazing place, but I wouldn't count on visiting anytime soon. Mike will be at Town Hall Seattle in September, discussing 'The Meaning of Life'. Should be an interesting show.

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