Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rockhoppers this week

So I haven't posted in a while and I kind of figured it was time to. I have been a little busy though so you really must excuse me. I have been among other things working on a new sign, a new logo, new business cards and some advertising campaigning. I also have been busy scheduling coffee klatches with candidates for the upcoming elections. Not to mention cooking shopping, and planning for Saturday dinners. Speaking of which... This Saturday is going to be an awesome night for a trip to Rockhoppers. We are serving Salmon, corn soufflé, coleslaw, some wonderful rolls, and a special dessert made with fruit and angel food cake. In short it is the perfect dinner for a summer night... (alright..pretend it is summer!!) This dinner will be followed by the wonderful music from Jewbilee and At 9:00PM the blues done by the Midnight hour. Dinner is $20.00 and there will be a $5.00 cover in addition for the music. We have limited seats for dinner so call and reserve your seat.

So, I did mention that I had a new logo and business card. I thought maybe you might like to see it so here it is:

For those of you who are interested... we do not have a name for the frog yet. Maybe it should be a contest... Ok that's what we will do.. Name that frog. Winner will get a small prize to be named later. The frog will be used for an ad campaign coming this fall. The only thing we did change on the card was the proprietor. We hated that title so Dan is "Head Toad" and I am "Boss Frog". My wonderful business cards were designed by the incomparable Kimi Jones of Boomerang. Kimi does an incredible job for me and I am truly lucky to have her as a "daughter" and lucky that Brenda (her real mom) is so willing to share!

Anyway, I hope you all have a terrific week and come by and see us this weekend. Oh don't forget... tonight Helen Price Johnson will have her coffee klatch at Rockhoppers at 7:00PM. See ya soon.

We have been a little busy on Whidbey Island.


David said...

the name of the business isn't on the card... or is there another side?

Dan said...

The graphic shows both sides. The top picture is the 'front', the lower one is the 'back', with the name & title.

ms. kitty said...

Great card, Rene and Dan! See you soon, I'm sure. Thanks for such a great open mic last weekend!

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