Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rockhoppers Art Gallery: Michael Patterson

Michael is one of our first artists, and we've always carried his pieces. Michael also works at Rockhoppers, giving us some necessary time off during the week.

Rainy Day in the Woods Rainy Day in the Woods SOLD!

Michaels artwork is made of paper, paper pulp and foam board, so it's very light, even the very large pieces like this one: Rainy Day in the Woods. At 28" x 16", it is Michael's largest piece. Update: Rainy Day in the Woods is Sold

Twisting Trees Twisting Trees

Whidbey Island is full of wonderful evergreen trees, with pockets of forest and single huge, old firs everywhere. This is reflected in Michaels work -- trees are a frequent subject. This piece, Twisting Trees, is 10" x 15". Gallery Price: $125

Victorius Victorius

Splat 1 Splat 1
Splat 2 Splat 2
Perhaps Perhaps

These four sunburst pieces are all around 1 foot in diameter, or slightly larger. They are wonderfully meditative designs -- with no 'top'. Rotate the piece once in a while for a new look! Gallery Price: $80 each piece

Architectural Piece Architectural Piece

This simple piece is striking, and quite large at 31" tall, and 18" wide. The size and three-dimensional quality of this black-and-white piece make it a good choice for a sunny wall. As the sun moves across the piece, the shadows will change the look of the artwork. Gallery Price: $235

Blessing for the Bird Blessing for the Bird

Deeply spiritual, this 20" x 13" piece is covered with hundreds of papier mache' dots. Gallery price: $400

Marilyn Dove Marilyn Dove

Star Dove 1 Star Dove 1

Michaels Dove pieces are simple, yet delightful, capturing the essence of a bird in flight. Gallery price: $75 each piece.

Art on Whidbey Island.

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