Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Read This! -- Russian Folk Tales


I'm starting a new feature today, that I'm calling Read This! I hope to share some of my favorite on-line texts -- books and manuscripts you can read for free on the Internet. Baba Yaga

The Internet Sacred Text Archive, a tremendous resource for philosophy, religion, and other important works, just published this excellent book of russian folk tales: Old Peter's Russian Tales. Misery

Beautifully illustrated by Dmitri Mitrokhin, this 1916 collection by Arthur Ransome is an interesting glimpse into early 20th century russian folk life. Even the titles of the stories are fascinating. The stolen turnips, the magic tablecloth, the sneezing goat, and the wooden whistle; The tale of the silver saucer and the transparent apple; and my favorite: Who lived in the skull? Phoenix

So go, read some 100-year old Russian folk tales, and enjoy.

Folk Tales about Whidbey Island.

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