Sunday, June 1, 2008

Games - strange but fun

I once owned an Atari, you remember... the black box that had those funny boxy controllers and you could play cool arcade games? Okay, I confess, I still have the thing. I haven't used it in quite awhile, but being the pack rat I am, I can't bear to part with a perfectly good game console. Besides, some of the games are downright fun to play, and are not available today.

Atari 2600 console

Well, it was a quiet night, so I was doing a little surfing. Not my usual past time, but I happened across this site that had games to play online. This one is really a hoot!


You remember "Pong" of course, don't you? And "Breakout", who could forget that? Well, this is the best of both worlds, not only can you play Pong again, and Breakout, but you get to do them both at the same time on a split screen!

Have Fun!!

Games on Whidbey Island.

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