Saturday, May 3, 2008

Top 100

This is unheard of but I feel like blogging! I am also working on a new curtain for the windows in the front of the shop and they need to dry a little before i can continue. Anyway, I was checking out a blog about the Susan B. Koleman foundation for the cure of breast cancer. A wonderful doll was created to raffle off with all the proceeds going to the foundation. So there was this link to yet another blog and I decided to check it out. I really liked an idea the author did and decided to do my own. It is a 100 item list of things that make you happy. Here is mine:

1. My hubby. We have been married almost 30 years and together even longer. He makes me laugh and I love his company.

2. My sons Dan Adam and David Gary. I cannot list these separately because then one would think the other was even more special. The truth.. they are my joy in life! Each one individually and both together.

3. My grandchildren (and their mother!)

4. My chosen sister Mary. She and her family are blood in all the ways they should be!

5. Painting

6. Doll making

7. Beading

8. Our musicians. I cannot name one over the other. In truth I love having live music ever Saturday in my living room. These people are incredibly talented and I am lucky to have them here in my life.

9. My cat. Even though I threatened to kill him last night and he keeps waking me up at 3:00AM in the morning because he is bored and wants attention... He is cool.

10. My other cat. She is more like a psychotic furry football but she is a love.

11. Walking along the beach.

12. Finding agates.

13. My house

14. Baking when I am in the mood to bake.

15. Going for long drives

16. Exploring thrift stores and antique shops.

17. Talking to other artists.

18. Spending time talking to people in their 80's and 90's.

19. My chess guys!

20. Watermelon

21. Fried Chicken

22. July 3rd fireworks and party in Freeland

23. July 4th fireworks and party at our house

24. Disneyland

25. Taking young children to Disneyland.

26. Swimming

27. Rockhoppers (not because of the surroundings but because of the things that happen in the shop and the friends that frequent it.)

28. A spa

29. Rain

30. Sunshine and 68 degrees.

31. The Whidbey Island Fair.

32. A good Lucas Davenport novel

33. A good Jeffrey Deaver novel

34. A good James Patterson novel

35. Cinderella in all her incantations.

36. A good fantasy novel by Tad Williams.

37. Young Harold Potter

38. James Bond... (Ah... James!)

39. Indiana Jones...

40. Lucille Ball

41. Courtroom dramas

42. Good ghost stories

43. Flowers (since I am allergic to anything that lives i prefer them outdoors rather than in!)

44. Pussywillows

45. A nice big fluffy quilt

46. A night spent out on a beach around a campfire, under the stars, with a bottle or two of beer, and Mary and Randy and Dan, looking for satellites and falling stars.(My favorite thing of all!)

47. Chocolate cake with ice cream.

48. BBQ Ribs!! The messier the better.

49. My bed

50. Rodeos

51. The Seahawks! I love to scream at them and the refs!!

52. A really nice brandy on a cold night.

53. Pink Floyd

54. Meat Loaf in Bat out of Hell 1,2 and 3

55. The Metropolitan Museum of Art!!

56. Van gogh

57. Matisse

58. Cezanne

59. Gauguin

60. Monet

61. Boats

62. Traveling, seeing new things, and meeting new people. All this is an experience and that experience is what i enjoy.

63. Women's history during the westward expansion in the United States.

64. Fairy tales and the relationship to real life (Dancing with Wolves)

65. Being able to paint outside the lines

66. Being unaware of boxes!

67. A Nice Big Steak!! Cooked medium rare/rare

68. Sushi

69. A wonderful musical done by an amateur theater complete with human errors!

70. A really wonderful poem

71. Weddings.. they make me cry too.

72. Babies

73. Spending time with friends I haven't seen in years.

74. Really pretty plates and glass ware.

75. Salt and pepper shakers

76. Holding hands with my hubby while we walk.

77. Dan and Rene Speak.

78. Neil Diamond

79. Sam Elliott (This man's voice makes my toes curl and my bones melt!!)

80. Gosford Park! the movie

81. goats

82. Embroidery

83. Crocheting

84. Learning new techniques using old skills

85. Colors!

86. Finishing a piece!

87. Spending time with my kids (the kids from our youth group that are mine now.)

88. Spending time with my kids kids!

89. On a different level.. walking with Kimi.

90. Working on a project with Mikkel and Brenda.

91. Being chaotically busy

92. Christmas

93. Santa

94. Storytelling

95. Deception Pass

96. Writing with a pen and paper.

97. Craft stores

98. Fabric stores

99. My morning cup of coffee

100. My life (all the good along with all the bad!)

OK it is your turn. Maybe making one of these lists will make you smile as well.

Smiling on Whidbey Island.

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