Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photos From Iran

tehran 24 is a photo blog featuring daily photos from, well, Tehran -- of course! I learn more about life in foreign countries by 'reading' a photo blog than I ever do by listening to the news.

Tehran, and Iran in general, looks like a lovely place. I wouldn't want to live in any country (or state) where religious fundamentalists have so much power, but other than some obvious differences, life looks the same in Iran as it does in much of the developed world.

The movie Persepolis was a nice primer into Iran's history and culture. tehran 24 can only build on that. Plus, the photos are great -- no matter the subject matter.

Photos of Whidbey Island? Sure thing, coming right up.

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Anonymous said...

The movie Persepolis was a goddamn CARTOON. Read a book why donthca? The Iranians by Sandra Mackey

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