Friday, April 11, 2008


I went to see Persepolis last night. What a wonderful film! The animation and graphic style was fantastic, and truly carried the story well. The personal history was consistently interesting, and significantly adds to ones understanding of the culture and events.

It's easy to see why this film was nominated for an Oscar, it's an important film that deserves to be seen. The trailer that the Clyde has been showing for a couple weeks didn't provide the proper sense of the movie, but I found a better trailer -- see it below, then make a note to see this movie.

The only criticisms of the film I have are the subtitles -- the languages in the film were, on reflection, mainly French and Farsi, but the subtitling kept one from noticing the change in language. Perhaps the subtitling could have used a different font for the different languages. Also, the film uses a flashback framing that is both ineffective and, in my opinion, unnecessary.

Definitely a Double Shot.

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