Friday, April 4, 2008

Time to blog

So Dan is way ahead in the blogging thing lately. I apologize... geez this coffeehouse business can absolutely get in the way of blogging... But here I am trying in vain to catch everyone up on the news in Rockhoppers.

First of all, we have been adopted. The Whidbey Island Writer's Association has decided to adopt us as their hangout. Tuesdays will be their days. They will be doing a writer's open mic on the first Tuesday of every month. The other Tuesdays will be a writer's cafe type thing and they can use the mic if they choose. The format of this gathering has not really been determined yet but basically we will the writer's hangout.

As for our music.. whew.. We are full for April and are booking in May and June. This is really exciting for us as we are picking up some amazing music! Next weekend we have a group from Seattle coming back to play. Jewbilee. This group does traditional Jewish songs using non traditional music to sing them by. Have you ever heard Havanakelahava done to a blues rhythm? All I can say is this group is fun and really innovative with their music and you are missing something if you do not come see them. Beverly Graham is going to be coming to play again and if you have never been here when Jerry McCann has well you have been missing a LOT! So check out the music on Saturdays and come see us.

It is spring and I am getting in the "to do" mood. We have so much that needs done it is awful for me to sit here on the computer. I am getting ready to put picnic tables with umbrellas out front and I want to add flags and stuff for the front of the building. I am also working on a small sofa for the shop, a few rugs for home and I need to do some major work at home before our kids come home in May. So in short I am finding it difficult to sit in front of this silly machine and blog. Still it does need done.

I hope you can all come in and visit this month. It looks like it will be a great month for events and with spring here it is definitely time to visit the Rockhopper.

Things are hopping at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.


David said...

Sounds like you're keeping busy. I'm glad things are picking up. What's the video have to do with your entry though?

Rene said...

It is spring. The video is Vivaldi's spring. Not sure they really relate but it is spring and I love this piece.

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