Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Female Perspective of the Movie 'War Dance'

War Dance

So Dan and I took one of our evenings off and headed to the Clyde to see a documentary. This one was called War Dance. If you haven't seen this movie let me begin by saying EVERYONE should see this movie. Bring kleenex!

Set against the backdrop of Uganda's 20 year civil war during which over 30,000 children have been abducted by a rebel army, the documentary tells the story of Dominic, Rose, Nancy and their school in the Patongo Internally Displaced Persons camp as they take an historic journey to compete in Uganda's national music and dance festival. I highly recommend this movie for everyone. It shows the utter devestation of war, the senseless brutality of war and the true resilence of youth.

Double shot.

This movie recommended Shine Global which is a non profit organization created to help the children in Uganda. After seeing this movie I am compelled to see if there is something I can do to help.

Extra long trailer:

Saving children on Whidbey Island.

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