Monday, March 3, 2008

Why We Don't Have TV!!

So Dan and I have not had television to speak of at our house in over 5 years. In truth we don't miss it much at all. However, there have been a couple of shows that I have gotten somewhat interested in lately. Granted I have not been interested enough to get an antenna or to subscribe to cable but I have enjoyed catching them on the Internet through their station channels. Last year I found myself really enjoying Studio Sixty. This movie was about a comedy being performed on television and was written by the same people responsible for West Wing. It was a drama however and because it's humor did not involve prat falls or farting .... well let's just say it didn't catch on. I also found myself really enjoying Kidnapped which was about ... you guessed it... a young man who got kidnapped and the extraordinary efforts the family went to to get him back. It was very well done and I have to admit I was wondering how they could possibly continue this series for another season. The first season did have an ending with the young man being rescued. Both of these shows were canceled! Both these shows were witty and engaging and what is more they were VERY WELL WRITTEN!

So this year I found myself wondering what the networks could possibly turn out that is any thing like these two shows. I met with shows taken from awful advertisements to stupid humor. If it wasn't CSI type shows then it was "reality" television (although I do question that title... who's reality? NOT MINE!)Awful Awful television viewing... However I do enjoy CSI and Bones and all the CSI MIMES. So I discovered Pushing Daisies... Cute but got tired of it... then I discovered Las Vegas. I did not want to like this show! I hate gambling.. big waste of time and money and it really felt like it was glorifying this industry. However, I love tom Selleck. So I gave it a shot.. I loved the characters.. I really did and gradually I found myself really enjoying this show. So the last episode comes on and leaves us with a real cliff hanger and guess what? It is the last episode! I HATE THAT!!!! I really hate that shows that are really decently written are taken off the air. So it is back to CSI, NCIS, and Bones for me and we will see if they can survive the network stupidity that seems to be so rampant on TELEVISION.

In the meantime when all of you who are so avid television fans have to endure the 1000th advertisement telling you why you should vote XYZ ... just remember there are those of us out here who enjoy finding out who to vote for without televisions suggestions and who really enjoy finding good news on the net to go along with the bad news that we still get to hear about. The only difference.. We get to hear the bad news one time and digest it on our own. Television isn't happy unless they have you hearing it every hour on the hour and if it is really big... you get to hear it every 10 to 15 minutes.

When national shut your TV off day comes try it... You might just find yourself enjoying peace and quiet and you might enjoy spending time playing games like Monopoly, Scrabble or the like. You might find yourself wanting to come here to Rockhoppers and play them and we will welcome you and maybe even play with you if we have time.In the meantime here is some good television to view.

Who needs TV when you have Whidbey Island?

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