Monday, March 3, 2008

Muskrats in the News

Every year, in rural Maryland, there is an unusual beauty pageant and competition: The Miss Outdoors pageant, and the world Muskrat Skinning championship. Yes, these two events merge -- the beauty pageant competitors also skin muskrats. The Washington Post has a nice article about the event: Contestant No. 1 sashayed down the catwalk, her hair bouncing in blond curls, and smiled a radiant beauty-queen smile. She picked up a furry dead rodent about the size of a football.

There's a feature film about this event: Muskrat Lovely. It's best compared to "A Mighty Wind" or "Best in Show", except it's REAL!

I managed to find a video from the muskrat skinning competition. Not for the squeamish!

I always thought beauty pageants were a little odd, kind of a holdover from the past, and a little demeaning for the women involved. This pageant changes my outlook -- now I think pageants are more than odd, I think they're weird.

The Post also has a narrated slideshow, with great photos.

Muskrats on Whidbey Island.

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