Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1920's Style Death Ray!

The blogger and artist Mr. Natural of Informiorium has built a really cool art piece. It's a Rocket Brand Ray Gun! Beautiful artwork. We'll have to contact him to see if we can get some of his folk art pieces for our gallery.

Be sure and check out the video on the site, and here are some posts about building the thing. Pretty cool.

Ray guns on Whidbey Island.


Mr. Natural said...

Thanks Dan! Where is your gallery? I may be open to some sort of show...I am just now getting ready to take this and 2 more pieces down to our local annual Spring show and sale. All pieces entered must be for sale, so I have $999.00 on this particular one. I think that is reasonable, but know little about art sales.

Mr.Natural said...

Well, THAT was last Spring. I garnered a Judges Choice, first place, and best in show with that jewel of a ray gun. This last month (annual Fall show in October, 08), I was featured artist, and was invited to bring the ray gun back. I took in a total of 7 pieces including one that I made just for this show called "Snooping around in the Old man's shed".

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