Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sometimes I go Exploring on the Net

I admit it, I am horrible about checking out other people's blogs. I seldom surf and only when I really need to get something else done and am not really looking forward to getting it done... in other words, procrastinating! Today is marketing day. I HATE marketing! I MEAN I REALLLLY HATE IT! It takes me an entire day to do an ad. So what am I doing? Surfing. Actually, I purchased a book about two weeks ago at our local craft store. It was about free-form crocheting and knitting. I bought it for the crocheting part. I never have got knitting; although my best friend does though and has some wonderful pieces. Anyway, I thought I would go check out crochet artists, and look who I found!

While most of these women are not from the Pacific Northwest, one in particular is. Her name is Xenobia Bailey. She lives in New York, and you can catch her blog here.

Carol Hummel's work is incredible as well.

I found many of these artist works on the site for the International Freeform Artists Guild. I did find other work at Dee's place.

As if I am not busy enough; I feel a need to try this group. Want to join with me? We could display our stuff here at the shop.... Let me know.

Crocheting on Whidbey Island

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