Monday, February 18, 2008

Bottled Water

We don't sell bottled water at Rockhoppers. Actually, we do have a few bottles in the refrigerator, but they are the last of the many we had when we bought the shop. When those are gone we will no longer sell bottled water.

This news report from England sums up our feelings about bottled water: It's immoral! Apparently bottled water contributes 600 times more CO2 to the atmosphere than tap water. Just one more reason not to buy bottled water, or, in our case, not to sell bottled water.

One of our main concerns is the plastic that's used to package bottled water. There are two new 'continents' in the middle of the ocean, both made up of plastic. We have to reduce the amount of plastic we use! Towards that end, we are looking at using plastic made from organic materials such as corn starch for our cups and straws.

Meanwhile, wouldn't you know, someone is marketing bottled water for dogs. Only in America.

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