Monday, January 28, 2008

Explanations are sometimes necessary to the advancement of life... and other things...

OK, so I have not been posting very often lately. It has been kind of a result of a little Seasonal Affective Disorder, and a little burn out and a little bit of preparing for some changes coming to Rockhoppers. The "SAD" is still there but will leave as soon as it starts warming up and winter goes bye bye... the burn out will leave as soon as I can afford a vacation and the changes will hopefully help me be able to afford that vacation.

I posted earlier this month that I was working on moving the shop and that we did not get the space for the shop. So I started doing some evaluating of our circumstances and decided that what upset me most was that I would not get to do the business plan that I had worked up for that space. I REALLy liked that plan!! So after some discussion and figuring and planning and praying and well a lot of brain activity... I came up with a way to make most of the plans from the business plan work. So here is what I came up with..

First, Rockhoppers will be opening 7 days a week beginning in March.

Rockhoppers just sent in an application to start selling wine and beer. This will be a small venture. We did not apply for the license to sell bottles so we will only sell wine and beer by the glass. We will not be dealing with kegs so please do not ask. This application is expensive and it will take a few months to get the license. We will begin selling it in April if all goes well.

Next, we are doing some remodelling. We have purchased a prep table, and a display case and the plan is start working on lunches in March. This process may occur sooner but will definitely be in place come March 1. We plan on serving a very simple menu that will include two different kinds of soup served with a small loaf of bread, a potato bar, or a roasted vegetable sandwich. We will also serve a small casserole dish like lasagna or enchiladas or something of that sort starting in April. These will all be available starting at 11:00AM and going to 7:00PM.

Beginning in March, one day a week we will have a special Seniors day. This day will probably be on Thursday and will include a senior brunch with discounts for seniors and one day a month will include a special theme of some sort.

On special Saturdays, we will do a full five course dinner and entertainment package. This will include a full dinner and musical entertainment afterwards. The prices will be announced in the Record and the Marketplace as well as the dates.

For our artists, we are going to start hosting special artists receptions for each of our featured artists. There will be wine and hors d'oeuvres served for this reception along with special music. We will also be hosting more lectures and classes done by our local artists.

I plan on getting more local authors and touring authors to come in and discuss their books and the writing process and have them here for book signings. We are currently stocking our used books for sale and have them listed on Amazon as well so we can keep new books coming in as the old ones leave. Books are not a huge thing for us but we love to read and so do many of our customers and this is a nice thing to be able to offer.

We are currently booked up for our Saturdays through March and into April so Saturdays are definitely on for wonderful music and entertainment. Our Friday night open mics may take some changes coming soon as we just joined Victory Music and will be advertising the open mics with them. I am assured that this will bring in a lot of musicians from "over town". I am also talking to victory music about the possibility of running our open mics either on Fridays or on a different night of the week.

We are restructuring the Song Circle and it is cancelled for the time being on Tuesdays. However, we will be doing a new rendition of it on the 9th of February and will hopefully be able to move it to a night that works for everyone who wants to participate.

You will see changes coming this spring/summer too. We will be putting up an outside picnic area and we will have a doggy cafe. This will be for all of you who have dogs and want to bring them by for gourmet doggy treats (handmade) and want to sit with them. As you know I cannot have animals in the shop but we can provide a place outside for our canine friends and their "pets".

There are a few other changes that may be occurring soon and as they do I will be letting you know about them. For now.. this is enough! So, I have a lot of things to get into place and this month I will be doing some experiments.. so if you would like to check out some of the future projects stop in and you might find me giving out free experimental samples. This will be only good in February. March the fun begins. In the meantime forgive me if my blogging does not happen as often as it should.

Changes are occurring at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.

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