Friday, January 18, 2008

A Double Feature Review from the Female Perspective

I hate it when Dan gets on the blog for reviewing movies before I do. He gets all the good stuff and I just get to rant... Well that works too. Anyway, as you know we went to see a couple of movies on our two days off. The first movie was In The Name of The King: A Dragon Siege Tale. And as you might have heard we enjoyed this movie. I liken the enjoyment of it to the enjoyment of the movie Swamp Thing with Adrienne Barbeau. It was a quirky movie full of action. It was predictable (but that was ok since it is a movie about a fairy tale of sorts) and it was fun. The most fun I had in watching the movie was picking out the other movies that it stole from. There was (of course) The Lord of the Rings, then I got the Matrix, and there was some of Die Hard, and well there was a little of several other movies as well and right now I am having difficulty recalling which ones.. Jackie Chan's movies are mixed in there too. I enjoyed this movie not for the quality of the movie (although I have to admit that I did not think the cinematography was that bad) or for the acting.. (please) but because it was kind of a silly movie that made me smile. Any movie that makes me smile is a good movie for me!! We need more smiles in this world. My advise is.. if you dont like hokey movies, fantasy movies and are a serious movie fanatic... DO NOT GO to this movie. However, if you want to sit back and not think and just have a little fun... check it out. It gets a shot in the dark for me.

Shot in the Dark

The next movie we went to see held Dan rivetted to the screen and nearly put me to sleep several times. Perhaps my expectations would have been different if I had know the director was Paul Thomas Anderson. You know the guy who directed Magnolia (with the raining frogs) and Boogy Nights (Which Dan claims is a total piece of ARt!)as well as Cigarettes and Coffee and Punch Drunk Love. Of all these movies I found I enjoyed Magnolias.... Hmmm....

The saving grace of this movie was the principal actor (who I have to admit reminded me a bit of Tom selleck.) Daniel Day Lewis. The acting was superb!! He did a magnificent job of creating a really great character.I have to say I also enjoyed the acting done by Paul Dano as the Sunday brothers was also supurb!! However, the movie was choppy, the scenery was so barren and seen so often that I found myself craving water, and the plot should have forced this movie to be about 3 to 4 hours longer so the story could have been played out at the pace it deserved! Unlike most movie critics I have to give this movie a mediocre rating but I sincerely hope that Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Dano win some awards from the academy for the fine acting done in this movie. I am giving this movie a Drip rating.


There Wont be blood on Whidbey Island and a Dragon Siege seems unlikely.

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