Friday, December 14, 2007

Fantastic Photo Blogs

Ever wonder where I get some of the photos I post? I'm a huge fan of photo blogs! Photography provides such wonderful glimpses into life -- a picture really is worth a thousand words.

This blog is not, technically, a photo blog. I post a fair amount of high-bandwidth content like photos and videos, but I think the real draw here is our stories and the content in general. Photo blogs don't post anything but photos, maybe with a little descriptive text, but some of the best photo blogs don't post any text at all.

Ziboy is a Chinese photo-journalist whose photo blog is the best source I know of daily life in China. Ziboy is an excellent photographer, but it's the quantity and subject of his photos that form a view into his world. Right now, I can tell that he's visiting the United States again. He's been to the U.S. before -- his photo blog is a record of his daily life. His photos are candid, gritty, and entirely real. Here's three random photos from his site:

Pizdaus is a photo blog I've just recently found, it's a totally promiscuous blog, meaning anyone can upload random photos. Pizdaus has a fantastic variety of photos, consistently interesting. Here's three photos, posted one-after-another at Pizdaus. Be aware that at any photo blog, particularly a random one, you might find objectionable content, although I rarely find that on this site.

I've posted about Shorpy before, and it's still my favorite photo blog. Shorpy is historical photography, glimpses of life early in the previous century, or earlier. Shorpy always has a short description of the photo, the ability to see the original photo in high resolution, and a comments section. Here's three photos from them. Click on the photo to go to Shorpy's original post.

Photos on Whidbey Island.

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