Friday, December 14, 2007

Across the Universe, a female perspective

So hubby said it was my turn to post and well I am posting about the wonderful movie and date night we had last night. First of all, we recieved a gift certificate from a local realtor (Sandy Izett) who works with Dalton Realty here in Clinton. We gave a referral to her and they purchased a home. The gift certificate was for the Beachfire Grill located in Freeland. Dan and I had never been there before and this was a wonderful gift! We loved it and I have to say it was a great way to celebrate our day off!

When dinner was finished we went to the Clyde to see Across the Universe. You have already read Dan's review of this movie. Mine is very similar. I too feel the movie was a double shot. What sparked a discussion about the movie was not that it was a single or double shot though. Dan uses "Rotten Tomatoes" as a test pilot for most movies. We do not pay attention to what critics have to say necessarily but we always like to have some idea of what is said about movies we want to see. A lot of movies we enjoy are sci-fi movies or fantasy movies and generally speaking the critics do not enjoy these movies much. Rotten tomatoes takes an average of what critics say and applies it to it's review of the movies. Across the Universe recieved 50% from them meaning half the critics that reviewed it hated it or if you like the glass half full... half the critics that reviewed the movie loved it. (We loved it!)The discussion from Dan's point of view was "Why?"

My comment was "Honey, not all critics were happy with the Beatles or the "free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll" thing. The Vietnam war is still an open sore to many and the whole revolution thing that occurred as a result of the war was very painful for many and definately not understood or appreciated by all. This movie did not villify drugs it simply illustrated how things were during the Beattles era. Drugs were new, fun and really in... psychadelics, LSD and pot...weeeee!

My husband who is normally so up on things like this was totally mystified. It showed drugs? When? Duh!!! When the one character sang a whole song about needing a fix, and then when the small group went totally psychodelic... etc. These were scenes that tended to make one think drugs were not a big deal. They were reflective of the times and they were portrayed as innocent and fun. In this day where drugs is so huge that is not something people want to see on the screne. I thought it was more a picture of the times and less a statement but my husband didn't pick up on it at all. Oh well... He asked!

In my opinion, the music was wonderful and the audience at the Clyde totally enjoyed it. I have to admit it was hard not to sing a long!! It's a double shot without a doubt.

The Beatles on Whidbey Island.

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