Friday, November 23, 2007

Female Perspective of a shoot 'em up and a magical tale.

So, Dan posted about his views of the movies we saw on Wednesday and I have to say I don't agree. First of all, I loved Fargo and everything I read about No Country for Old Men guaranteed that the Coen Brothers had done it again. I loved this movie. It was quirky, real, and absolutely stunning in dialog. The characters were wonderfully interesting and totally absorbing and well the story was fun although a bit gory. I expected a Fargo and was not disappointed and I have to give this movie a double shot.

Double shot.

Now for the next movie we saw. Mr. Magoriums wonder Emporium. First I will say that this title was awful. I still don't spell it right and have had to look it up several times to ensure the writing of the article is correct. Get past the title and you end up with a movie that was short on magic but a nice concept. Why is it that children have so much more magic in their world than we do as adults? I enjoyed this movie but felt it was a little to adult for children and a little to "magically silly" for adults. I guess I am somewhere in the middle and I found myself liking this movie and at one point crying. I have to give this movie a single shot.

Single Shot

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