Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Comic Tuesday

Today's comic is more adult oriented than the others I've posted. Despite it's name, Sinfest is not a sex comic. It's more about relationships -- between humans, animals, and God(s).

The main characters are Slick, a perpetually on-the-make lothario who happens to be short and silly; Monique, the flirty young object of Slick's desire; and Pig, Slicks friend, who is -- well, he's a pig.

The characters often interact with the spiritual world, God, Jesus, Buddha, Satan, and other deities are regular cast members. In fact, despite it's general PG-13 attitude, Sinfest is the most spiritual comic I read. All the main characters undergo spiritual crises at some point.

The author, Tatsuya Ishida, has woven a deep series of relationships into the comic. My favorite characters are Percy and Pooch, pets of some unseen person outside the strip proper. In fact, Percy and Pooch are really a separate comic. They don't usually interact with the other characters, and apparently live with a cartoonist. This strip begins a series of Pooch and Percy.

Another fun feature of Sinfest is the author's subtitles. Each strip has Tatsuya referring to himself in a different way. For example, today's subtitle is "Waiting on the world to change." Yesterday's was "Difficulty Level High". There's a subtle interplay with the day's strip, or sometimes not. Check out a week of Sinfest, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Sinfest on Whidbey Island.

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