Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogs to Check Out

Here's a few blogs you might want to check out. Different than link aggregators, these blogs all focus on great writing, content that makes you want to read more. Careful, delving into the archives of these blogs can suck up lots of time!

The Magazine Man is an editor for a major magazine (he doesn't say which one). His stories are truly from the heart, and he's had an interesting life. His fans are incredibly loyal, me among them. MM had an auction, of sorts, in which he gave away a bunch of the crap he's accumulated in his years as an editor. He gave stuff to people based upon their promise to use it for a good purpose. I promised, if he gave it to me, to start a blog that would make Gandalf proud. That's how I got this: Click on Gandalf to go to the Magazine Man's blog.

Dooce is one of the most famous bloggers, ever. She even has a term named after her: "dooced". Dooced means to be fired for something you wrote on your blog. She was fired because she wrote uncomplimentary things about her boss and co-workers, on her blog. Dooce has become one of the premier 'Mommy bloggers' since giving birth to her daughter, Leta, almost 4 years ago. Dooce is sarcastic, a liberal living in Salt Lake City, and almost totally open in her writing. She routinely talks about personal details, including her bouts with mental illness. I've been reading her stuff almost from the beginning, and I'm a huge fan.

15-Minute Lunch is a blog that's been around for a while, but I just found it, along with thousands of others. The author found an old 1977 JC Penny catalog in the attic, and did a great post about it. A few days later, that post became a popular email forward -- my sister sent it to me. The rest of his site is worth reading, too. Click on the catalog to go to his site.

This last blogger is pretty caustic, but she's a wonderful writer. I found Violent Acres when she was used as an example of sarcastic writing at a writing improvement site.

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