Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So there isn't a lot to post today. It is a clean up day for me. We have cleaned out my studio in our spare bedroom and moved it into the studio space here at the shop. This has been a huge process. Now it is time to clean up the studio space in the shop to make room for it all. All this is precipitated by a huge fall cleaning at home!

You heard of spring cleaning? Well Dan and I are really good at procrastinating. So now it is fall cleaning! Anyway, I was awakened on my first of two days off by my cat this morning. He has been relegated to sleeping outside of our bedroom because of my cat allergies. However, he has taken to meowing now at 6:00AM to let me know that our other cat is asleep and he is bored.

The following cartoon sent to me by my wonderful hubby is exactly what Boots is like!! Except for the last bit. That might irritate me a little to much! Enjoy.

Woke up at 6:00AM on Whidbey Island

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