Friday, October 12, 2007

The Official Truck of my Family

My uncle Cliff started it all. He owned a Dodge power wagon pickup. Living in Anaconda, Montana, he had lots of use for the go-anywhere 4-wheel drive, winch, and general rough country capabilities of the power wagon. His was a short-bed, step-side single cab, not in blue, as pictured, but tan. I vividly remember riding in the back with my cousins, heading up to some wilderness lakes to go fishing.

Uncle Walt was next. He bought a Dodge crew-cab pickup. It had two complete cabs, basically a sedan with a pickup bed attached. His was not a power wagon -- it didn't have 4-wheel drive. I'll post more on Walt's truck later.

My father bought his Dodge pickup in the 70's. It was a crew cab, and it was a power wagon. This made the truck, well, very trucklike. It was huge, and a pain to drive, with it's 4-on the floor manual transmission, manual locking hubs, and extreme length and turning radius. I learned to drive in this truck, so I'm comfortable parallel parking anything smaller than the space shuttle.

This is my Dodge pickup -- it's a 4-wheel drive, but not a crew cab. So, the tradition continues.

Yes, that's my pickup on Whidbey Island.

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