Monday, October 29, 2007

Michael Clayton

I just love a well-acted psycho-drama. Michael Clayton is a great example of this genre. The first half-hour of the movie is more confusing than enlightening, but it isn't boring. This movie does a great job of showing a believable range of emotions and life-like events, in a horrific situation.

The bad guys are bad, but believably human, and the good guys are good, but not all that good. The movie requires your close attention to detail, and patience, but the payoff is fantastic.

George Clooney does a great job, but for me the real standout is Tom Wilkinson. Tom did such a great job in the movie In the Bedroom. His character in Michael Clayton is so earnest, but obviously living a different reality than everyone around him. Wonderful performance.

This movie could wait for DVD -- there are few effects that require viewing it in the theatre. By the way, we went to Oak Harbor Cinemas to see this one, and we were less than thrilled with the movie-going experience. If you want to see it in the theatre, go over town or wait for it to come to the Clyde.

Double shot.

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