Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

The worlds last vast pristine rainforests are being decimated. What can we do about this problem? Everybody wants nice wood floors and paneling.

These forests are critical to the continued existence of humans. Think about that for a minute.

Canada's former prime minister, Paul Martin, is passionate about this cause.

In Washington State we have 2,838,432 acres of Old Growth Forest. 693,000 acres is protected in National parks, and 1,955,588 acres is in National forests. The concern I have is logging in National forests. The federal government is notorious for promoting logging in large parts of National forests, including old growth. (Source)

We have some amazing old growth forest right here on the island. Whenever tourists stop by the coffeehouse looking for what to do on the island (which happens pretty much daily), we send them to South Whidbey State Park. The Wilbert trail is one of our personal favorites.

The Whidbey Camano Land Trust, the state, and a bunch of other great people came together to save this trail less than a year ago. The South Whidbey Record had a nice story about a recent effort to save the trail, unfortunately they don't have a way to link to the story. You can search for it on their web site, use the keyword Wilbert.

Save Whidbey Island.

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