Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Another female perspective on "The Kingdom"

First let me explain that I am a HUGE mystery junkie. Murder, mayhem and investigations etc. I love it all. (Well not in real life but in books and movies..yes!) So I wanted to see this movie simply because it was a murder mystery and investigation by the FBI and, well, it had a build up that made it sound like a crime drama. OK it took place in the Middle East but still... murder, mayhem... get it? Got it! So I had to go see this movie!

Now let me say this movie was not a crime drama! It was a wonderful drama about the conflict between ideologies, revenge, and peoples fundamental need for other people (good and bad). It was an incredible movie! It was fictional, and yet the subplots that were depicted in The Kingdom were very real in today's world.

I came out of that movie with some very real questions floating around in my brain. I kept remembering how someone had said that day that I saved "stray dogs" and I found myself thinking "shouldn't everyone" and then more profoundly, "how can we prevent "stray dogs" at all?" Is it possible for man to stop hating long enough to realize we are all part of each other? Is it possible for man to live peacefully with each other ever? Power, greed, religion, philosophy, personalities... How can we bridge these differences? Then I got in the car with Dan and we spent the entire ride home debating one simple ideology of faith and well... It showed me how nearly impossible this would be. And yet, I do love rose colored glasses!

I definitely give this movie two shots. Anything that can evoke this much thought is worth watching over and over again. The only thing I ask is use wisdom when you go and do not take your children under the age of 16. This was a bloody movie and it dealt with very adult subjects that I do not feel are appropriate for children.

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