Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Schedule: Closed Wednesday & Thursday

Well, it is the second day of my two days off in a row.!! Wow. I brought in more money yesterday being closed than I did when I was open on Wednesdays. I had 4 customers! just in the short time I was here. The thing is when I am at the shop and it is closed, I don't mind at all having people come in for ice cream or muffins or even coffee really. I come in to paint and if I have company while I paint that is great. I am trying to use the two days off to get caught up with some things. You name it I need to catch up on it. The house, painting and getting my studio up and running. I need to get it all done. So I start with some painting and proceed doing everything else. Today, I go take pictures of places on the island. You will see why later.

In the meantime, while I am painting it is difficult to blog. You know you get paint and stuff all over the keys and the computer just doesn't like it at all. So I did some searching and found a couple of blogs for you to explore while I do my painting. Tomorrow we will be back in the shop and the live cam will be running and things will be back to the norm. In the meantime check out these two blogs...whipup and digital mail art

Gonna paint and pic on Whidbey Island.

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