Friday, September 21, 2007

Travels of Rene and Dan

So after much discussion(and no planning) Dan and I took off for the mountains yesterday. First stop was the gas station over town.. you know one with a drive through car cleaner. An hour and a half later we headed for Leavenworth (my car was really, really dirty). I have been to Leavenworth a few times before, driving retirement home tours up from Seattle, only to find once I got there that I really did not have an opportunity to explore. So we finally took the opportunity. Wheeee... The food was fine, the ice cream was wonderful (although I enjoy ours more) but what happened to all the artists? After much discussion and some research I surmised that the price of shops and life in Leavenworth could possibly have driven the artists out of their fair town into Wenatchee or back to Sultan and Skykomish. I have to say I was disappointed that there were not very many studios or galleries. The ones that were there were very commercial and the items could be found in every town and village from this coast to that.

I do have a few pics of Leavenworth

On the way down the mountain we stopped at Skykomish. What an interesting little community. It was about the size of the community I grew up in and I was fascinated to find that it had a hotel for sale and an old grocery store. I have to admit I was really intrigued by these two buildings. When we got home I discovered that Skykomish is in the midst of change. It is being cleaned up by the railroad so each of the buildings have had to move. You can read about it in these articles.

So anyway, it was a wonderful way to spend a day. The drive was incredible through the woods and it was such a lovely day with both clouds and sun.

A Scenic Drive off Whidbey Island

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