Friday, September 21, 2007

Traditional Art in Peril

Traditional art forms, an important type of folk art, are in peril of being lost. The practitioners of this art are not being financially rewarded, so in many cases are taking other jobs. Modern technology threatens many ancient trades and practices. The top four stories on our news service's Culture section all deal with this phenomonen.

Illumination and miniature paintings in Iran:

Egyptian Zar Music:

China's last Bow Maker :

And Traditional Chinese Tattoo's from Hainan Island:

The same problem exists closer to home. Much closer to home. Many people really like the folk art in our gallery, but too few are supporting our local artists by buying the art. While our artists are not dependent on selling their art for financial freedom, they do get discouraged if their art doesn't sell. Most of them do the art because they love to create art, but once you decide to sell your art, sales become an important source of positive feedback.

I'm not saying we're about to run out of artists, or close our doors, but the problems affecting traditional folk art are not limited to isolated cultures or the third world.

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