Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have you ever felt like you are the "normal" one?

Well I hope someone does, because right now, I feel a little "Schizophrenic" with to many projects going at once. What is worse is I am really in need of getting my studio cleaned out and getting set up for the Studio Tour. Now I am not listed as one of the studios this year but I am really hoping we get people in who want to do the tour and would like breakfast first. In the meantime, I have new art and I am really hoping people will come in and check it out as well. That weekend is going to be somewhat busy for me as I am planning on going on the Studio tour with my best friend and another friend who both happen to be artists here at the shop. It is a great opportunity to recruit local artists!

So if you have been on the blog lately you may have noticed that I am trying to do art projects when nothing is happening in the shop. One of the pieces I am doing is a lamp shade. I did a lamp that I absolutely love but I hate the shade i did and so I am trying to make a nicer shade. I am not sure I got the right colors though so it may end up on another lamp. We'll see what it turns out like before I decide. Here is a pic of the lamp...

To add to the confusion.. Tuesday nights we are having a song circle. Eddie MCGeHee , who was at our last open mic, is hosting. This evening will be the first time for this event and we will broadcast it live, right here on the blog. I hope people show.

On Saturday we will be trying a new class with the South Whidbey Parks and Rec department. The class will be called the Altered Arts class and I am really excited about this class. I will be broadcasting it on the net as well so if you cant make it to the class you can follow along on the net. It won't be as much fun! Anyway, I have offered this class before and no one showed but it is my hope that we will have some interested souls out there who wont mind being famous for a short while.

And finally, the last thing is that starting next month we will be playing Dungeons and Dragons on the first Saturday of every month. For the first time in our playing history we will be recording and playing live on the net. There have been so many times in the past 28 years that I would have loved to have the D&D games recorded if for no other reason than we could write a story about the things that happened in the games. Oh well, hopefully there will be several people out there who would like to join us as we use our imagination and created a fantasy world of fun and friendship.

Crazy here on Whidbey Island.

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