Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday Night Open Mic

What a night! We had so many guitars here, I kept looking around for Ed Newkirk or Chaz Glass. (When Ed and Chaz played here, they brought a lot of guitars. It was like a Martin guitar family reunion.) Alyssa, Rena, Eddie, Dex, Don and my guitars were all here. We also had a fiddle, and several young people borrowed Eddies guitar for a few numbers.

I managed to get most of the night on video, so I'll be posting highlights. We had several people watching our live streaming video, hope it looked and sounded OK. We're still working out the details of using the webcam.

Here's Eddie. Eddie hosts a song circle, and he's moving it to Rockhoppers Tuesday nights. Watch for more on that, and we'll stream that video too.

Dex is becoming an open mic regular -- and we're glad to have him.

We convinced James to play a song or two. This is the one I got on video.

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Anonymous said...

Love this video. Great song.

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