Saturday, September 15, 2007

Female perspective of a Male's movie world

I will begin this post by saying that we had a lovely two days off.We got some more done although the house is still a mess. We also managed to get in a couple of movies. Yeah for us!

Let me preface this post by stating that even though westerns were geared originally for men, this movie was terrific. I was raised around horses and westerns. John Wayne was a hero of mine and Sam Elliott could eat crackers in my bed anytime! Now the eye candy in 3:10 to Yuma wasn't bad (not Sam Elliott... talk to me Sam...) but good enough to keep my attention. Especially Christian Bale. (Although I loved Russel Crowe's hat!)Let me also state that I do not remember the original movie although I am thinking that I probably have seen it at least once if not more.

(Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)is the author of this synopsis.) The legendary outlaw, Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and his gang have just robbed an armed stage coach carrying the Southern Pacific Railroads payroll. They kill everyone on board except Pinkerton guard, Byron McElroy (Peter Fonda) whom Wade shoots in the belly. A poor rancher Dan Evans (Christian Bale) and his two sons find McElroy and take him to Bisbee, Arizona to find a doctor. Ben Wade is in town without his gang and the sheriff immediately surrounds the hotel. Dan distracts Ben Wade, who is captured without a shot being fired. Railroad representative Grayson Butterfield (Dallas Roberts) asks for paid volunteers to join McElroy's posse to take Wade to the train station in the town of Contention three days away. The train is due at 3:10, and they must put Wade on the train's prison car bound for Yuma. Once Wade arrives in Yuma, he will receive a quick trial in Federal Court and be hung. Dan Evans, desperately needing money to save his farm, agrees to help transport Wade to Contention but he must be paid $200. The other paid volunteers who join the posse are Tucker (Kevin Durand) and Doc Potter (Alan Tudyk), the town's veterinarian. Unfortunately for the posse, Charlie Prince (Ben Foster), Wade's right hand man, sees what has happened to Wade, and he goes after the rest of the gang to help liberate Wade. Despite a deception to fool the gang, the odds move in their favor, and in the end it's Dan's desire to impress his sons that means getting him on the train becomes a personal battle of wills.

This movie is a single shot for me. It is wonderful to have westerns playing at the movies again.

Yuma is on Whidbey Island for a very short time.

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