Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Fair time on Whidbey Island

I apologize for not writing for a few days. We are always busy on the weekends and with music playing and video taping it we don't always have time to post. And I am finally painting again. It took a while to kind of get inspired and I am on a deadline with a commissioned piece from my friend Kit. So I am currently working on three pieces.

I went to the Coupeville crafts festival this weekend. If you haven't been to this one in a while you need to go. It is wonderful. They have great music and fun things going on for kids and they have an entire section of artists at work. What a treat! I went looking for artists to show here at the shop. I have 5 artists coming in at the end of the month. Yahoo!!

So, September will be a new time for Rockhoppers. We will have all new artists except for Michael Patterson, Mary Wood and myself. We will have new hours Mon, Tues, and Friday we will be open 10AM to 10PM. Saturday we will be open 7:00AM to 10:00PM and Sunday we will open 7:00AM to 3PM. We will be serving breakfast on Sat and Sun beginning at 8:00AM and lasting until noon. We will continue to have music on Saturday evenings and Open Mic on Friday evenings and our Chess group will continue to meet Monday evenings. The only question I am posing to you my readers is what else would you like to see here at the shop? It has been suggested that a game night would be fun with Scrabble, or backgammon or even MahJong but as of yet I have not had enough participants for this. I again am seeking bridge groups that would like to meet here for their bridge or pinochle groups. I would love a cribbage group, and I am always open for parties. It has been suggested maybe doing craft classes routinely but as of yet I have not been able to get anyone to sign up for any. I am thinking about doing another doll group this fall. Hopefully those of you that were interested initially would be interested again. We will see. Well if you have any ideas, let me know or if you have any classes you want to teach get in touch with me and I will schedule the time for either the meeting room or an appropriate space. Dan wants to try opening the shop at 8:00AM next week for a few days and see if this difference in hours would matter. So if you are up early next week stop in and see us. You may find us a little groggy but we will be here.

Well, the fair is on its way! Starting tomorrow. I wax nostalgic when I recall that the fair used to win the "best little fair in the US" award regularly. You could go to the Island County fair and find a ton of art and great musicians. Some of them I never knew why they played at our little fair (IE the Mandrell Sisters, George Stait, etc.) but they were here and we got to enjoy them. There was something here for everyone! Today it is still a fun event although I find myself missing the good old days although it does not quite live up to memories of fairs past. The art that is shown and the work people display there is incredible and I applaud the many people who volunteer the work for our wonderful little community fair. It is a great way to spend a day or two every August.

Come to the Island county fair at Whidbey Island.

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