Monday, July 9, 2007

Who said vacations were relaxing?

Actually I did! but getting to the vacation was a trip in itself! We started our vacation on Tuesday... Freeland celebrates the 4th of July on the 3rd so we had a wonderful evening of celebration. We followed that up with a small BBQ at our house. We can see everyone's fireworks from Marysville to Bellevue. It looks like downtown Baghdad! Most people who visit our house on the 4th smile when I say that but when the fireworks start... there is often stunned silence. It is great!

We got home from the vacation and I found a wonderful bouquet of flowers sitting outside our back door. Over a year ago a couple was coming up the hill off the ferry and had a flat tire. They called AAA but knowing how long it may take for the tow truck we invited them to come share a beer and our view with us as we sat out on our deck. They stopped by to thank us after all this time. It was a pleasure to help them and maybe make a new friend along the way.

I got back to work this morning and found a small gift from my girlfriend sitting on my chair at my desk. She brightens up my life so much!

I am a little behind here at the coffeehouse.. my mind is not focused very well and I feel kind of like mush right now so I am keeping this entry short and will post tomorrow.

It has been hot here on Whidbey

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