Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It is time for a movie review (female perspective)

So Dan and I went to see "Live Free or Die Hard". Dan gave this movie a 2 shot (the highest rating we have) and while I enjoyed the movie I have to say that a 2 shot review is only acceptable for the greats like Gosford Park, LA Confidential and movies like Quiet Man. The classics....

Live Free and Die Hard made me laugh, and giggle and I did enjoy the quips and action. While I have spent numerous blog spaces complaining about violence on TV and movies I also find myself being a total sucker for movies like the Die Hard series and Lethal Weapon. Possibly because I recognize the TOTAL improbability of these shows ever happening in real life. I love spending time dissecting how "that could never happen" or "how they could never survive that fall or that shooting or whatever.. in real life". The nice part is I feel these action actors don't actually take the movies they are in as serious either. It's easy to laugh at them and enjoy them.

I have to say my critique of this movie is that is worth a single shot. I loved it only because I love the Die Hard series and I have to say that Bruce Willis was as sarcastic and over the top in this movie as he was in the first one which was easily the best one of the series....

OK so one shot for this one now BRING ON HARRY POTTER!! I have been waiting for over a year for the book (date is actually published on my personal calendar) and for a year and half for the movie..Guess where I will be Sunday?

We do love movies on Whidbey Island

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