Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Take on the Young Harold Potter Movie

Ok so The MOVIE OF THE SUMMER finally is here and we finally got time to go see it! And.... I was disappointed in it! What is more frustrating is I am not sure why. Ok I have read the book about 5 times (mostly because I wanted to have it down when the movie came along... but what actually ended up happening was I became really attached to certain characters in the book and they were not developed very well in the movie.

Delores Umbridge who was played brilliantly by Imelda Staunton was a hoot to watch but as evil as she was in the movie, she was worse in the book. She was so corrosive in the book and the way she insinuated herself in Hogwarts and affected the students and the teachers lives was really underscored in the movie.

My other beef was with Luna. I pictured her character as much more lackadaisical and goofy. The movie, while addressing that sorta did not really show that for her enough.

I am not quite sure exactly why I was disappointed. There did not seem to be any key elements missing and the movie if seen without reading the book would actually have been enjoyable, its just that compared to the last one this movie seemed smaller somehow and the story did not seem as important or compelling as in the other movies.

I have to say that this movie probably was my least favorite of the franchise and I give it a "shot in the dark". Meaning it was in the middle range. Worth seeing in the theater but not exactly worth the wait of 1 1/2 years exactly

Harry Potter comes to Whidbey Island

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