Monday, June 11, 2007

"Next" at the Clyde

So we took yesterday and cleaned house a little and wound up the day going to movies. It was the first time in quite a while that we got to go to The Clyde. We got to see Nicolas Cage in "NEXT". I should say I "had" to because after seeing it I can honestly say it was not a pleasure. It was not that I was not pre-warned but so frequently I have gone to the movies and enjoyed a movie that was totally hated by the critics. Not this time.

First let me be totally honest in saying I dont think much of Nicholas Cage. If he did something with his face other than that stupid blank look that so many of his characters have then maybe I would like him more but he does not "act". He just exists and well I do too but I dont get paid like him to do it!

Of course with this movie there were a few other problems as well. I had a hard time bying Jessica Beal as the love interest. I think she is beautiful but the premise was totally preposterous and I did not feel any chemistry at all between the two of them.

Then you add Julianne Moore as the hard nosed FBI guy... PLEASE!!! I dont buy it at all and well that was just plain POOR casting.

I wont tell you the ending since that would spoil the whole movie if you like this kind of drivle! but lets just say that the best part about this movie was that it was done by the same guy who wrote "momento". Perhaps that it has unpredictability throughout the movie is the one spark of enjoyment I got from it. That and being at the movie with my husband. Oh I will say that Peter Falk is in the movie (sortta) and that contrary to popular belief he is not dead. Although when dan announced that he thought he was dead to the theater audience I thought it was the one time during the whole movie when everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.The lady in front of us almost fell off her seat laughing so hard.

So for this movie I have to say "Why Bother?" That is a decaf,no fat 8 oz latte with no foam or fun!

Went to see "Next" on Whidbey Island

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