Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wow!! OW!!! OW!!!

Boy what a week! We are knee deep in trying to get ready for Clinton Days and I have been running ragged! Between meetings and rearranging the shop to make things more friendly and give a new look to it... it has been a busy week. Tomorrow I go to the store to shop for Clinton days and Rockhoppers for the weekend and well it is just really a crazy time for us.

This weekend promises to be a really fun event with a lot of things happening throughout Clinton.

Saturday at Rockhoppers

1:00PM Island strings will entertain

3:00PM A trial version of Whidbeyopoly created by L Nolan will be played

4:00PM Peter and Suzanne will give us a dose of laughter (two crazy British comedians)

7:00PM Folk music with Rena and Alyssa

Sunday at Rockhoppers

8:00PM Breakfast

1:00PM Teddy Bear Tea

3:00PM Eric Christensen entertains

Monday at Rockhoppers

10:00AM Dennis the Clown

4:00PM Music with the Dandelion Greens

7:00PM "Go" and "Chess"

So we moved the freezer and the coffee and hopefully it will make things easier to see and find in the shop. (A huge thanks to Emilia and to Grant for the help with that and a huge thanks to Dennis for help moving our coffee shelf.) Have I mentioned what great customers we have?

I need to go so that I can move another day. Will talk with you later.

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