Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wednesday night funnies

Well you missed the first night of our comedy hour. What a fun night. If you enjoy comedy and want a night of laughter then don't forget our Wednesday night Captain Whimsy hour. Next week is the Pyramid of geezers. Two guys who play, sing and joke! They have promised a few other comedians to join us for the Wednesday hours through out the month. We know there are amateurs out there who want to make us laugh! So come join us next week and have some fun.

So I am getting ready to hang some new signs out in the front of the shop. Look for them as you pass by. They wont have our name or logo at least at this time. Tom (my wonderful marketting person) suggested I try a different approach than the signs I currently have. He suggested a picture rather than words. So I have painted some cups of coffee. I hope that just the brightness and the obvious picture will make people see my shop a little better.

Oh look for my brochure while you are on the ferry! They are there finally! If you find the typo and show it to me then I will give you a free 12 oz latte or Americano. Just let me know what the error is. Oh and you only get to point it out one time! Just remember that only God does everything right! The rest of us are mere mortals!

Well I am off to paint and I will be seeing you all soon. Soon as you show up for music, fun, or art!!! that is...

Painting on Whidbey Island

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