Sunday, May 6, 2007

It's a Sunday.. A rest day for us who are weary!!!

I love Sundays. Primarily because they are our only days off. I love Saturdays because then I get to see my girlfriend and her hubby and I love our musicians and their families.

The fun thing about our Saturdays is the spontaneity that occurs when the groups are really small and intimate. This Saturday evening was a classic example. After Erik finished with his music he persuaded his friend to come up and do a couple of songs. How fun that was. His friend has a great voice and we hope he will come back and play longer sometime. Anyway, when the music was finished we decided to sit and tell jokes. Now I dont know how that got started but it turned into an hour of taking turns and telling really dumb jokes. It was a blast. It was also something I wish all my customers could be a part of but then I realize that if you were all here then the intimacy would not quite be what it is when there is a very small group.

So would you like to hear a joke? Two blondes walk into a bar and they are all excited and cheering 16 days...16 days... and they order a couple of drinks and sit down at a table. After a few more minutes in comes a few more blondes and the cheering starts all over again.. 16 days...16 days... A few minutes later a few more blondes come in the bar and start cheering again..16 days.. 16 days... About this time the bartender comes over to the table and he is really wondering what on earth these ladies are all excited about and cheering 16 days!! so he asks them... The first blonde that had come into the bar starts cheering 16 days and after yahooing and high fiving each other explains to the barkeep... "We just finished a jigsaw puzzle in 16 days and the box said 2 to 5 years!! Wooohooo!

Hey it was told by a blonde!

Anyway, I will post again later but for now.. Stay cool and enjoy our first day of REAL Spring weather.

It is finally spring on Whidbey Island

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