Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So it was another spring day at Rockhoppers

I have had a fair week this week all things considered. I have walked everyday with Kimi except Monday and I have had a lot of energy and well I have gotten a lot done. I am working on scheduling things for Rockhoppers for Clinton days and that has been a big to do.. I am also responsible for scheduling things for the Progressive Association for Clinton Days so this has been a lot on my plate. I have two entertainers coming from out of town in May and have also been trying to get them scheduled and well it has been a really hectic day not to mention getting my taxes done.. dont mention them it just makes me ill and well my brochures are going out on the ferries within the next week. Well lets just say it has been busy and it is no wonder I am a little fried! But I always feel so good when a week like this occurs. I need to work on a few art ideas.. One is a small altered book. I am going to do a screen using the same idea as the book and may sell both of them together. The title is "Would you know the face of God if you saw it?" How? And what if you are wrong? Anyway it is a really heavy subject to work on and the altered book could be incredible along with the screen. I will include pics as I get more done on it. I guess that is all I have to post. I showed you the mock up sorta of the front of the building. It was kind of fun to do and I did one involving the whole side of the building up to the roof but erased it when it didnt turn out like I wanted it to. So I need to do a mock up of the whole side of the building. I am not sure how to finish it off around the windows but with an overhang I may not need to.. Well anyway, I will talk to you later. Be sure to send messages letting me know what you think of the idea of the false front. Like I said earlier do not worry when the message does not show up right away. I moderate the comments so you dont get really awful links to awful sites. Take care and see ya tomorrow.

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