Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Next Tuesday get Involved

Rockhoppers will be hosting this virtual Town Hall Meeting. Do you mind if we invite Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Hillary Clinton to talk with MoveOn members about Iraq in your living room? (OK, they'll be in about 1,000 other living rooms at the same time, but it's still unlike any other political gathering that's ever happened before). It's the first ever MoveOn Virtual Town Hall Meeting. Those candidates and others will connect to living rooms around the country through an interactive webcast (or by speakerphone). MoveOn members will ask them tough questions about where they stand on the war in Iraq. As a group, you'll discuss what you hear and later, you'll vote for the candidate you think is best on this critical issue. With the president stubbornly threatening to veto any timeline to end the war, what better time to engage the people who would succeed him in the White House about the mess in Iraq? We know there are people in Clinton who'd like to participate, but first we need someone to host. If you are interested in participating as a MoveOn member or just a voter please join us at Rockhoppers. Please bring your lap top so we can tune in to the webcast. If there are 5 to 8 laptops for this event we should have enough for everyone to participate. You can find out about MoveOn events by visiting their site; Come join me for this event Tuesday April 10 at 7:00PM See ya here.

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