Friday, April 20, 2007

It has been a busy week!

There are some weeks when you sit back and go hmmmm... I didnt have a lot of business.. and yet I was busy every day of the week. Then you try to account for what made you so busy... Hmmmm....

Marketting! I followed up on my brochures which will be on the Mukilteo/Clinton ferry and on the Pt. Townsend ferry next week sometime. I paid bills, attended 3 meetings and did some design work and then I worked on Marketting! Designing signs, and then finalizing the false front of this building. I finished the design work and am sending it off to my landlady. (Say a prayer for me and my false front!)

I spent time getting people together to discuss the prospect of creating a book store in the old LaPaz space. They want to do a co-op. Anyone interested out there let me know...

I took one day and read and I did banking, and bingo biz. So that is my week. Tom spent time talking to me about my signs and it got me thinking about re-designing the signs I have. So I have been working on ideas for that. hmmm...

I spent some time working on an altered book and I want to spend a small amount of time this afternoon cleaning up my studio. It is getting time to do some work on my wonderful designs.

So here I am now blogging and thinking "What am I going to talk about?" That is the hardest part of doing blogging daily.. especially when nothing is really happening that is blow your world away exciting.. OH YEAH!! I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA FOR THE SECOND TIME!!! ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL!!! If I were honest i would have to say that it is more torture than wonderful. I hate that I have a grandson who does not know me because I cant see him more than once or twice a year! Now I will have two and well we are hoping this situation changes but to tell you the truth Florida is looking mighty fine right now except for the tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather phenomenons.

I did finish the false front so you can get a little better idea of what I am talking about so let me show you what I have in mind.

Use your imagination please! It obviously wont be quite that bright but It will be close and Don't you think it makes the front of the building look better? Anyway, I need to go but will talk with you soon.

1 comment:

ms. kitty said...

Wow, I love the idea of a bookstore in the LaPaz space AND I love the redesign of the facade. Good going, Rene!

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