Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday, Shmoozday

So I had a visit from my little girlfriend Haley and her mom Kelly. Kelly told me that Halley demanded she come visit me.. :) but as you can see the day was a little much for her. Yesterday was meeting day. Clinton Days to be exact. With Memorial Day coming up and all the plans still not quite confirmed I find myself still looking for artists or crafters who would like to spend the weekend taking a chance with us. I am finding it very hard to get artists to show at this festival. But I really think this will be a good venue as it grows. This is its third year. Last year we had 4 artists and the venue was fair for the artists. The first day we had quite a few people checking out the art and the artists said they did fair. The second day we were deluged with rain and the area that was chosen for them for thier tents got flooded. They came into my gallery with thier items and they did very well that day. This year we have a new venue and although it is outside it is very visible and they have access to the community hall for food, bathroom ect. Although I will miss having them here at Rockhoppers, I do believe the venue at the hall is perfect for them. (NO RISK OF FLOODING IF THE RAINS COME!) I fought for this venue for the artists now I just hope we can fill the area with them. We are expecting a lot of tourists this year and have increased the size of the event by double of what we did last year. We are doing a centennial celebration for the hall, our music is two days long this year, we will have events at the hall, the park, the church, and Rockhoppers as well as throughout the community. We are trying to put together an old time baseball game, and we are looking for speakers and people to help make this a great event. If you are a crafter I have enclosed the brochure for you. Just copy the application part if you would like to enter and mail it to me. If you know of anyone who would be interested in entering please let them know or forward the info below. We need people to make this event go. Well, I have advertising for Rockhoppers to do now so I need to get going but I will try and post later today. Take care.

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