Monday, March 26, 2007

So another Monday at Rockhoppers. I cannot tell you how nice it was to come home and have so many of you come in on Thursday to see how our vacation was. It truly is wonderful to be a part of this community! I have to tell you about the night before we left for Disneyland. Actually this is not a short story it is more of an anctedote. Dan and I had told our musicians and our customers that we would be skipping out of the shop early that evening and please to not think of us as rude. We had to be at the airport at 5:00AM the next morning as our flight was at 6:15. So we were going to try and get on the 9:30PM boat and spend the night at a hotel not far from the airport. The evening went wonderfully... The band was awesome (no surprise there), Mary was ready to be left by herself and everyone was ok (even encouraging us) with us leaving early... Dan (who really was like a very large kid over this trip..) had just gotten his hat and raincoat and was getting ready to push me out the door at 9:15PM when all of a sudden we hear Mary squeal! I turned around and in walks some friends of ours that we had not seen in 3 years. It was so strange to see them at the shop that I did a double take. They moved to Pocatello Id. area and we had not seen or heard from them until just the week before this when they finally got our number and had a way to call us. We even went out and stood in front of the ferry cam and waved to them that night. Anyway, you should have seen the look on Dan's face. First astonishment, then delight, then ambivolance then resignation as he took off his hat and coat and realized we would not be catching the 9:30 boat. It was that flood of emotions coming across his face that I will forever remember about our trip. Anyway, Dan is on his way again this week and I have been really busy trying to get taxes and things finished here at the shop. I have a small meeting room that I have set up for my customers who want to do business meetings or small group meetings here in the shop. The table was your standard conference table. I used it to sit things on it that needed painting and consequently over the last year have spilled paint and polyurethene on it and it was looking kind of nasty. I covered it with a tablecloth when needed for my groups but then it didnt look real professional. Well, I decided to paint it. I dont do abstract painting as a whole but this table just seemed to need it so.... Here is a picture of the table. I am putting layers of polyurethene on it and it will be ready for my meeting groups next week.

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