Monday, March 5, 2007

A story for posterity

Well it is another Monday. Actually I love Mondays. They generally are our best day of the week. But this Monday I just feel like tellin' a story ... So sit down children in a semi circle around me, and listen to this wonderful story written in honor of my sons.I believe I have told you that my husband, and children and I, have traveled all over the United States. Dan was in the Navy and they transferred us from Oak Harbor WA to Denver to San Diego. When he got out of the military he got a job in Marion Ohio. So we packed up the kids and moved to Marion. After 4 years in Mt Gilead (where we lived) we moved back to WA only this time we got to live on the south end of the island in Clinton. Anyway, this story takes place as we are getting ready to move to WA. From Ohio. Seems my son (Dan Adam) went to school one day about three days before we were to leave. At the end of one of his classes he got up to say goodbye to his teacher, and the SCIENCE teacher told him goodbye and to have fun hunting all those sasquatch. When my son got home he relayed that message to me and when I asked him about his teacher Dan said "Oh mom, he always says smart things like that as a joke." I thought about this for a few moments and since I was feeling a little ornery at the time decided to turn the "joke" around on him. That evening I sat down at the computer and composed a letter to him.Dear Sir,I am extremely upset by a comment you made to my son today as he was leaving your class. The comment being "Have fun hunting sasquatch". I am appalled that you would imply that my son might have fun going hunting for a thing that could very well be a relative of his...You see my mother's brother was a very large man. He stood over 7 feet tall when he ran away from home at 17 years of age. My mother's family tried to keep track of him but it became very difficult after a time. He tended to be very reclusive. After moving up into the mountains and becoming a nudist he disappeared from most of my mother's families friends hemisphere. There is something about nudity that does discourage companionship unless you don't mind nudity yourself. Anyway, while in his teenage years his feet and hair began growing at a phenomenal rate. When he left home my mother said his hair was needing trimmed every other day and was growing all over his body, and his feet were already so large that his shoes had to be special ordered.It is said he moved up into the mountains so he would not have to cut his hair so often. It is also said that the hair on his body kept him so warm that he did not have a need for clothing anymore and thus he became a hermit or a recluse. Overtime I imagine that he began looking somewhat like what people call a sasquatch but we just can't call him anything other that uncle Clive. I have enclosed a piece of his hair that he sent to my mother shortly after leaving home. You can tell it is long and dark in color. This piece of hair along with the descriptions have left us to conclude that Sasquatch must be uncle Clive. It is rumored that there is a Mrs. Sasquatch but no one knows that for sure and I and my family are unaware of a female with the same physical conditions as my uncle ever showing up missing anywhere. Although if the only option I had to eliminate unwanted hair all over my body was wax treatments or laser, I have to admit I would be inclined to move into the mountains with Uncle Clive as well....Given these facts you can surely understand why I would be upset about the suggestion that my son should have fun hunting a relative.I hope in the future you will consider your words well and I wish you well. Thank you, Rene Schlangen. The next day my son gave the letter and a piece of my hair to his science teacher. When I asked my son what the teacher did (thinking he would read the letter as the prank that it was and laugh). He said, the teacher read the letter turned pale white, and took the letter to the principle. I received an note of apology from the school the next day.This is just to let them know that 7 years later.. Apology accepted. :)

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