Tuesday, March 6, 2007

It's a Monday in Paradise

If you weren't in the shop last night you missed an event! Actually it was just a small event but when the events are not planned it is somewhat magical! We had our chess guys playing as usual. They are a terrific group of guys and if you like chess, you really should come play on Mondays. I guarantee you would have a great time! Anyway, there is this other group of people who have started coming in and playing hearts at the back of the shop. They are a group of friends and are a joy to have here. I love laughter and they really enjoy their time here. Then we had a small group who are working on a fundraiser who met in our back room. All in all it was somewhat full last night. Anyway, one of the card players broke away from that group and discovered my husbands guitar. We encouraged her to play it and BOY DID SHE!! What a terrific voice she has!!! Anyway, she will be coming back this Friday for open mic! Don't miss this!! She is absolutely terrific although she is a little unsure of herself at this point. Come help us encourage her to utilize this wonderful talent! If you haven't been to Rockhoppers on Fridays for the Open Mic, I encourage you to come visit us! We have not had big open mics but they have been steadily happening. We are getting a variety of people in every Friday who play guitar, sing, and do readings (everything from stories to poetry). Come in on Friday and see who shows up. Also this Saturday, we welcome Clem Floyd again. Clem is an extremely gifted performer who took a very long break from professional singing. He is back and you do not want to miss him! What is more he will be playing every second Saturday for the foreseeable future. Come listen to him play and I guarantee you will have a very nice evening. So after getting all this music in the shop, I have been asked if I do backup or harmony or sing or play or anything. My response is always.. I paint! That's a talent in and of itself but I have to admit that if I could I would love to have the talent of singing.. truth is I could not tell tuned from untuned and my singing proves it! Dan and I were going to do a song for those of you who came to our "Day after Christmas" dinner. We had been practicing and to our ears we were presentably awful but we thought it was all in fun and well we just thought it would be kind of a kick! We were going to sing "Baby it's Cold Outside". Dan was going to do the male vocals and I was going to do the female..... We practiced and practiced till our voices were cracking... (well maybe not that much but enough that we at least kind of knew the words (sorta). We decided to practice on our best friends a week before the event. Now keep in mind these people LOVE us and would NEVER do anything to hurt or dissuade us unless they saw we were quickly headed for a cliff... So we sat them down on our lovely comfy sofa and Dan and I set up the mics and we started singing... I should interject here that this performance was done Capella because we did not have the music for it and Capella is very difficult.. We sang our hearts out with gusto and lots of feeling.. It was an awesome performance! When we got done, Kate (our best friend's daughter) looked at us and said "I thought you wanted people to eat at this dinner...I am afraid that your performance would not only ruin their appetite but would have them all stampeding for the front door!" Okay, maybe it wasn't quite like that but well you get the gist. They said it with love and laughter actually and Dan and I decided not to perform until we were better practiced. I figure that will be sometime around 2100.... Maybe I can sing in Heaven. Everyone has to sound good there don't they? Talk to you all soon.

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