Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Well, it is Valentine's Day and on the way into the shop this morning I listened to NPR. For Valentine's they were having their listeners call in with sad Valentine stunts that failed. Then they added ones that worked. I have a story for their show but since I was in the car coming to work and then had customers... well, I will post the story here... I don't know if you know this (many of our customers and all our friends do) but Dan and I were high school sweethearts. Dan and I met the year I broke up with my first true love. Actually, we met about two weeks after my 1st love and I called it quits.. I was devastated. I spent the whole weekend of the county fair wondering what I did wrong to make Clifford drop me. Debby his sister spent the whole weekend consoling me and Dan spent the whole weekend trying to get Debby alone! Debby threatened me with death if I let this happen so... Dan in his infinite wisdom decided to get me sick on the carnival rides. If I got ill I would go away and he could spend time with Debby.. He bought tickets to the tilt a whirl, the round up and another stupid roundy carnival game and sure enough I got sick.... So did Debby... after we both threw up behind the rides we left Dan and the fair for home. I swore that I would pay him back if I ever met him again and two years later when my family moved to Mount Spokane, I met Dan again. I got even with him when we were dating and we haven't done a carnival ride since. It is a shame too since I truly love to ride carnival rides! That's how Dan and I met. Our whole life has been kind of like that story. We got married by eloping and on our first anniversary we told our family... I truly advise everyone to never ever do this! Our anniversaries for the first 5 years of our marriage were awful! Our first anniversary we spent threatening to go to the Justice of the Peace and get it annulled! Then we told our family and with the exception of the fist fight that almost occurred between my husband and the restaurant manager, then the fist fight that almost occurred between my mother and the restaurant manager, and then the fist fight that almost occurred between myself and my mother in law, it was a truly awful night with no redeeming qualities... except I got my husband and have kept him now for 27 years! Well, that's all for now. I will have some pics tomorrow of the shop and the new displays. I will talk with you all soon. I am closing early tonight. My Valentine's night will be spent in front of a movie and trust me... I am looking forward to it. See ya in the AM

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