Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's Tuesday! Where is everyone?

Yesterday was one of those terrific days when there was so much going on at the shop! It is what i would love everyday to be. Mondays are generally a good day anyway at Rockhoppers. We have a strong group of chess and go players that have been coming to Rockhoppers now since before I took Rockhoppers over. These guys are such good guys and it truly does make Mondays my favorite day of the week. Last night we were missing two of the group and it was very quiet from them but we got visited by several groups who met at various areas of the shop and it made the shop fun and filled with laughter and conversation. I love it when the shop is like that! I am working on my taxes this week and I started walking today. I have three meetings tonight and one tomorrow night and I really think by the time these are all done I will be a total basket case! I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep last night because of the dog and also my hormones! I hate nights like that! Anyway, today there is no one in the shop! Where is everyone? I was even opened one hour early this AM.! I should do pie for this evening and get a pot of coffee out for anyone that wants one and we will see if I can make some business this evening. I don't know if I told everyone or not. this weekend was kind of a fun weekend for me. I finally got my new refrigerator up and running. I was given a pew for the front of the shop and last week I purchased a new sectional for comfortable seating when music is going! The shop looks terrific now. The pew needs painted and that gets done as soon as my taxes are finished. As much as I would like to get those done, I just don't think I am awake enough to do them today so they will have to wait till I have a really good night sleep. In the meantime, I will be busy enough today to not have to worry about it. Tonight is open night for everyone who just wants to come in. We have a ton of board games if people want to come play games and we also have Wi-Fi and desserts so people can come in relax and enjoy reading, computer work, or games. I will be sleeping through my meetings! Have I mentioned that I am on the Clinton Chamber of Commerce and the Clinton days committee as well as the Clinton Progressive Association? Well I am and guess what? They are all meeting tonight! Anyway, we are recruiting for the Clinton days committee. This is a really fun group that plans out our annual celebration here in Clinton over Memorial Day Weekend. We would love to have more people join us! If you can join us or think you might be interested then come to Rockhoppers tonight and join us. I guess I had better go now. In case you didn't get to check out the website for Steve Jordan, I suggest you do. It is great music and he is playing at Rockhoppers this Saturday February 10th at 7:00PM. It will be a great night of music. I will try and do a small video of Steve and Ed playing together so you will be able to see what you missed if you cant come. Talk at ya soon.


ms. kitty said...

Hi, Rene,
I know Ed Newkirk, as he is one of the guys who jams at my house occasionally. He said he was going to be there this weekend-------yay! I'll try to come down on Friday night. Saturday night is the big church auction--gotta do that.

ms. kitty said...

PS. Your email referred to Fockhoppers----was that a deliberate typo or just a great one?

Flowers'nInk said...

Hey Rene!
Just to let you know I was here!

Great coffee this afternoon, looking forward to that yummy scone I got for my coffee break at work! (but the coffee won't be as good!!)


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